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This is to celebrate black girl hair everywhere the world over. All Black Gurl Hair Submissions Welcome.

Here is a place for: Hair. Beauty. Wellness. And Self Love.
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Sep 17

Instagram: malikajanaee



Instagram: malikajanaee

Sep 15

Anonymous said: What theme is this? Its nice and btw i love your blog!:-)

The name of the theme is Easy Reader. However the picture you see is a wallpaper I uploaded to use as a backgrund. And thank you lovely! 

xoxo gimmiethatblackgurlhair 

Instagram: malikajanaee


Instagram: malikajanaee

Anonymous said: How do you submit a photo?

Just hit submit on my blog, upload a photo and agree to the submision guidelines love 

Sep 5



Best thing I’ve ever reblogged. Ever.

I will always reblog this no matter what.

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Aug 27


Anita Quansah: Jewelry Curator on the Rise

With intricate detailing mixed with colorful tassels and feathers, let’s all take a minute or several to admire the extensive handiwork of Anita Quansah modeled by the beautiful Ayoola Bakare.

“Anita Quansah London was created in 2006 by bespoke jewellery curator Anita Quansah. After obtaining a textile degree in 2003, from Chelsea College of Art and Design London, Anita Quansah has been working to develop and promote recycling in her designs by creating elaborate one of kind statement jewelleries.

Her pieces are strong statements, which are a fusion of modern bohemian tribal mixed with her cultural background which is African.”

Keep reading + more pictures

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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Aug 23



Natural Barbie Dolls . I’m so obsessed!


Bless the makers heart 

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Aug 16

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